Top Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

When Should My Kid's First Dental Visit Happen?

There's no exact age, but a good general guideline is to go with your child to the dentist around the time their baby teeth come in. This gives them a head start on lifelong dental health.

How Often Should I Take My Child to the Dentist?

Kids should visit the dentist just as often as adults for regular checkups and cleanings: every six months.

What Should I Know About Cleaning My Kid's Teeth?

As soon as teeth start coming in, they will need cleaning. At first, it will be up to you to help them clean their teeth and teach them proper techniques. Circular motions and brushing from the gums to the ends of the teeth go a long way in keeping teeth clean.

What Is the Importance of Baby Teeth?

Yes, baby teeth are temporary, but they still are important. Damaged or unhealthy baby teeth can make for oral health problems even when adult teeth finally come in.

What Toothbrush Should I Get My Kid?

A soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head is perfect for children. Soft enough to stay comfortable, but effective enough to remove food and bacteria.

Should My Child Floss?

As your kid's teeth grow in and begin to have little to no space between them, then it will be time to start flossing daily.

Can Kids Have X-Rays Safely?

Modern x-rays actually use fewer rays than past methods. So they are increasingly safe for kids and adults alike. If you have any questions about x-rays, feel free to ask!

Is a Pediatric Dentist and a Family Dentist the Same Thing?

A pediatric dentist is someone who specializes in providing care for children. While family dentists can care for the whole family, a pediatric dentist has a unique set of skills tailored for providing outstanding treatment for kids.

Top Questions About Orthodontics For Kids

What's the Cost of Orthodontic Treatment?

It depends. We know that is a vague answer, but it is true. So many factors are involved that an estimate can only be made for your situation after an examination and treatment plan is made. However, it usually costs a couple thousand dollars.

Will My Insurance Cover Orthodontic Treatment?

It really depends on your insurance plan. At least partial coverage for braces is quite common, but it is up to your policy. However, we are happy to work with you to find out what your situation will look like.

When Should My Kid (or I) Get Braces?

While treatment as a kid or teen is usually more straightforward, adults can also have braces. For kids, early treatment can start at about 7-10 years of age, but it is more common to start during middle teenage years when there will be fewer facial changes after treatment is over.

How Long Do Braces Take?

While the answer is technically again "it depends," we can give you a reasonable range: between 6-36 months in most cases. Treatment duration depends on your unique situation, but most kids can expect about a year and a half of treatment to get the results they need.

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